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Attendees can enter a scholarship drawing for $500 to the school of their choice. 

Gini Beran

College Board | CLEP
College board,

Tim Scoggins

FMR Education Service Chief
Coast Guard Education Service Chief,

Stephen Krempel

FMR Chief Learning Officer
Stephen Krempel

Jim Cleveland

LTC - Retired Army, PhD, MSN
Jim Cleveland

Jeff Rogers

On-Line Education Programs

Jason Fine

Prometric | DSST
Making Education Possible,

Jason Lyons

Bisk Education
Bisk Education,

15+ Education Coaches

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Save thousands on your education with automated degree planning.  Find the college that fits you by comparing over 400+ colleges.  Learn about a new platform that has over 34 patented processes.
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So far I have used CLEP for 12 credits over the past year. I have been taking courses at Community College of Rhode Island and will have completed my Associates Degree in a total of 16 months by the end of the summer! I am also working two jobs at the same time. Thanks for the help! Oh, and I’m in my 50’s!”
— Raffaelle G.
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This free conference gives you access to world-class education & career coaches. They will be sharing real-life stories, relevant strategies and tactics to help you quickly & affordably complete your education, certifications, or soft skills so you are prepared for success in the working world.  Be motivated, be inspired, & most of all be informed!
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