Jeff Carpenter
College Planning Coach
Tools for Selecting Schools & Degrees
Co-founder of Vantage Point Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Bill Roberts
RN Transition Coach
Fast Track to RN
Dr. Roberts is a Director of Instructional Systems and Business Development and the National Director of Online Education

Anita Wolfe
Non Traditional Credit Coach
How to Get College Credit for What You Know 
Program Marketing Manager at Western Governors University. 
Beth Doyle
Prior Learning Coach
College Credit for Work Experience 
Beth Doyle is Vice President of, a service that helps adults students earn college credit for what they already know.
Clifford Stumme
Fast Track Degree Coach
"I Used Exams to Finish College for $7,423" 
President, Founder of MyCollege, LLC

Leland Harden
Testing Out Coach
Timeshifting Your Education
Mr. Harden is a recognized authority on online marketing and author of five books on the subject.

Leroy Sisco
Motivation Coach
(RET) Lt. General Shares The Power of Education
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Leroy Sisco served for 42 years in the U.S. Army. He runs the Military Warriors Support Foundation, which assists veterans with housing, jobs, and scholarships.
Joy Porter
Transformation  Coach
Why There Are Waiting Lists at Nursing Schools
Joy Porter is the founder of Get Your RN Faster

Chris Cebollero
EMS Coach
Career Pathways in EMS

Internationally recognized leader, author and motivational speaker. 

Leta Cross- Gray
Success Coach
CNA to Doctoral Candidate 
Leta Cross-Gray is the CEO of OrthoCare 360.

Vernon Taylor
Training & Development Coach
Advancing a Career Through Education
Vernon Taylor is the former Director of Lifelong Learning for the U.S. Marine Corps.  He is currently an Associate Vice President for National University.
Dr. Scott Wofford
NP Coach
Chiropractor to Nurse Practioner
Dr. Wofford founded West Texas Back Clinic in Abilene Texas, he is both a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Physical Therapist  
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